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You can use our Page Rank checker to help track the progress of your search engine optimization, or SEO, development. You can do a Page Rank check on different pages of your web site or many different websites at one time. Our bulk PageRank checker actually pulls the page rank from Google's live search and is not the outdated grade that you'll find on most Toolbars.

When you use our Page Rank Checker you'll not only receive the most current data possible, but it also lets you know if the site or page is listed in DMOZ and the Yahoo! Directory. Plus, it will show how many Backlinks that Yahoo! has indexed. That's just a little extra bonus for using our free, online tool.

These days, search engine optimization is so important. The PageRank of your site, or your competitors, can be used as a gauge for your SEO efforts. With proper link building strategies and good, quality content, you could be on your way to that ultimate 10!

How often should you do a Page Rank Check is entirely up to you. We don't recommend checking more than once a week, unless you're a bit enthusiastic or very insecure. Google updates their rankings about 4 times a year. Know one ever knows exactly when they will decide to do their updating, so checking every now and then is always a good idea.

There is, and has been, a great debate over whether or not the Google PageRank is all that important. A Page Rank Checker alone does not give you rank. Good search engine optimization and other SEO practices must be followed. There are over a hundred points that Google scrutinizes for each web page that it crawls. Content and quality incoming links seem to be the most important factors.

Once your search engine optimization is complete, you can do a page rank check to see if your efforts have been worth their while. Again, don't expect and changes over night! It takes time for Google to analyze your SEO perfectionism and gather all the external data.

Link popularity can be most beneficial as long as the link is from a high PageRank, relevant, and authoritative site or web page. You can use our bulk page rank checker to check the page rank of all the sites that you'd like get a like from. Then contact the webmaster or site owner and invite them to visit your site and write a short review or otherwise provide a link to your site or web page. You probably won't get too many replies, but you'll only need a few good quality links to boost your rank!

Finally, as the PR debate goes on, you can do yourself a favor and stay focused on your ranking and your site's position in the search engine's results. Concentrate and stay committed to search engine optimization, doing a page rank check often, and of course, using our page rank checker!

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